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Rodengo Saiano is a village located in the green heart of Franciacorta and hides historical, cultural and artistic treasures.

The Abbey of Rodengo Saiano is well-know al over Italy. It gives hospitality to a Benedictines congregation and boasts a great many works of art.

This village also offers several other buildings which retain great historical and artistic significance: Villa Fenaroli, Villa Maria, Villa Masperoni and The Calvary Santa Maria degli Angeli.

Rodengo Saiano is part of the Park of the Hills (a whole of different environments we must protect and safeguard), rich in routes for mountain bikers (we suggest the yearly competition “Granfondo Parco delle Colline”) and well-know for The Wine Route across its garden-like wineyards in order to reach and visit many wine cellars of the area.

The famous Franciacorta Outlet Village is at just 3.5 Km from our B&B. there are 160 outlet stores of the most renowned Italian and international brands, refreshment areas and recreational activities for kids.

Just few steps from shopping you can visit The MUSIL, a museum about Industry and Work.

Rodengo Saiano is about 3 Km from the hospital Istituto Clinico San Rocco located in Ome.

Lake Iseo, renowned holiday resort, is just 10 Km far and its southern portion reveals the Torbiere del Sebino, nature reserve, home to different species of flora and fauna.

The town of Brescia, the capital of the province and on the Unesco World Heritage List is 14 Km from Rodengo Saiano and is worth a visit (we suggest Santa Giulia Museum, the Castle, the Roman Temple, the Old and the New Cathedral).

There are many castles located in Franciacorta.

Passirano Castle, which is considered to be the best preserved castle in Lombardy, dates from the fourth to the fifteenth centuries, when the ltalian city states required hill-top fortresses. The building has three towers and is sorrounded by a moat which is now covered. One of the towers is called the speculum because in the eighteenth century it served as an observatory. It is currently used as a winery.

Nearby is Erbusco Castle, built around a country church. The castle is in ruins, but the entrance portal remains with its narrow windows and drawbridge.

The Odofredi Castle, in Iseo, was built in approximately 1000. Destroyed by the Ghibellines from Valcamonica, it was reconstructed by the Visconti family. From 1585 to 1797, it was used as a monastery by Capuchin friars and today it is home to the civic library.


The Rock Carvings in Valcamonica are the best example of engraving art in Europe. Most of the illustrations (figures, engravings, symbols, signs, carvings) on great sheer rock faces ere situated in Capo di Ponte. Lombardy Regional Archaeological authorities established The Naquane National Park after the studies of The Twenties and Thirties in 1958.

In 1979 Unesco included the Valcamonica Rock Carvings in the list of World Heritage Sites.